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YOU are What Makes Defining Image Unique

At Defining Image, we work with you, not for you. You may come in with a picture or a specific idea in mind or you may want us to design a look just for you. Either way, we’ll cut and/or color your hair with the lines, angles, tones, and style you need to feel better about yourself.

LuAnn Andes, owner and stylist at Defining Image says it best:
“I think sometimes people forget—hair stylists have to get their hair cut too. Over the years, I too, have experienced a great cut and color that just needed a little touch of ‘me’ after the blow out and style. Usually, I’d wait to adjust whatever it was until I was in the car or at my destination—or worse, I’d go home and wash and blow it dry all over again! Now, years later, as a professional, I can assure you my ego is not that big that I can’t understand the value of a word or tweak from you—while you’re still in the salon—so that together, we attain that vision of a ‘perfect you.’”

We welcome you to help us put your signature on your hair while at the salon. That way, when you come back next time we’re ready to work together again.

Just to show you how committed we are to helping you achieve your signature look, we go that extra step to help you learn what it takes to achieve that look in between visits. Need some help understanding how to use your brush to achieve a fuller style?  Not sure how to use a flat iron to achieve incredible curl? Together, we’ll work to make sure you’re comfortable with your look.  That’s what makes you happy, and frankly, we absolutely love doing it! 

So you see, you are what makes Defining Image unique. We’ve got the skill and we’ve got the expertise, but the truth is, without you as part of the team, we wouldn’t be here.  We need you to tell us what you think, and we do listen. It's all about communication for the very best end result.




Welcome to Defining Image Salon

Visit Defining Image and you’ll immediately notice a difference. We’re not your typical salon. Our clients comment on it all the time; they sense our passion—and they love it!

When you walk in needing something—whether it’s a new look or a cup of tea—we’re here to make sure you get it. And if, during the course of your visit, you find yourself laughing and enjoying life just a little bit more—don’t be surprised. We’re like the “Cheers” of Plymouth…from the welcoming greetings to the comfy chairs.

But don’t be fooled, we take our business very seriously. We’re all about customer service. And that’s why we do all in our power to send you out looking and feeling great. We know from experience, that’s what brings you back—time and time again.

Come on in and check out Plymouth’s best-kept secret—Defining Image. We even have a “Celebrity Door” in the back!



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